March Stack- Books I'm Reading This Month

March Stack- Books I'm Reading This Month

I'm happy to say that I finished all my books last month plus a bonus book I'm thrilled to share with you. I had a series of colds and bad allergies lately that led to more reading but less writing. With the promise of Spring approaching, I'm hoping to get back on track. 

This month is a little lighter as it's already a week in and I have a trip to Chicago at the end of the month. I recently picked up some used books in Nashville that will make up most of this month's books with one exception. The odd one out is a graphic novel I got on my last trip to Chicago almost a year ago. I decided I should really read it before I bring home more on this trip.

Expat: Women's True Tales of Life Abroad by Christina Henry De Tessan

I started this book this morning and am confident I'll be finishing it this week. I have a soft spot for personal essays which is the focus of this book. It's collected stories from women with varying levels of ex-pat experiences. While I haven't had a desire to become an ex-pat, I really enjoy learning about the lifestyle and challenges that come along with that type of life change.

Roadstrips: A Graphic Journey Across America by Pete Friedrich

This is a collection of short comics from different graphic novelists about road trips across America. It caught my eye because Peter Bagge is a contributor and I've liked his previous work a lot. As it gets warmer out, reading about American road trips inspires some serious wanderlust.

Bad Feminist: Essays by Roxane Gay

I'm often a little late to the game with bestsellers. I think it's a natural barrier I put up for myself to allow the hype to die down and give me space to form my own opinions. I can't be more excited to finally read this collection of essays though. (Obviously my preferred method of reading this month.) I've heard a lot of interviews and articles about Roxane Gay that have really resonated with me. Very excited for this one!

Photobooth: A Biography by Meags Fitzgerald

This is the graphic novel I bought in Chicago last year. The truth is, this book combines two of my favorite things; graphic novels and photo booths. I think I've been saving it for a perfect Sunday morning when I have nowhere to be and a full French press ready. Flipping through it though shows pages on pages of a comprehensive history lesson on photo booths. I can't wait to dive further into learning everything there is to know about these magical machines.


Now for a look at last month and the bonus book I read as well. Being sick so many times in a month is a bummer but it did lead to getting a lot of reading done. You can view the full post introducing last month's books here.


A Beautiful Work In Progress by Mirna Valerio

I really enjoyed learning about Mirna's experience. She is a gifted storyteller, easily weaving in stories of her past with present day. Her challenges provide a different perspective than that of a "typical" runner and allow the reader to really get in her head. I really enjoyed her small personal goals during races like getting ahead of some of the gazelle-like runners in her path.

Meaningful Work: A Quest to Do Great Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul by Shawn Askinosie

As I mentioned before, this book is far more spiritual than something I would normally read. There were some moments of really solid advice though and I did connect with the global and local community impact that the business makes a priority. I liked that it was a different format than a lot of business books but I was hoping the spiritual nature of it would be less prevalent throughout. 

Feminist Fight Club: An Office Survival Manual for a Sexist Workplace by Jessica Bennett

I highly recommend any woman in an office environment or otherwise check this book out. It was funny while still having some really solid advice out there. One of the best aspects was that there were so many relatable examples throughout with real ways to respond/handle situations. 

This Will Be My Undoing: Living at the Intersection of Black, Female, and Feminist in (White) America by Morgan Jerkins 

This was the bonus book I read this month after hearing an interview with the author on the Call Your Girlfriend podcast. I went out and bought it at a local shop the next weekend and finished it within a day. It was one of the most honest books I've read about feminism and being a black American woman in today's society. I was really impressed with this author's matter of fact storytelling and ability to intertwine her experiences with larger ideas about the female experience. I lent this book out to a friend immediately after finishing and intend to keep passing it around until all my female friends have read it. Do yourself a favor and pick it up today.


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