Rained Out Again- A Weekend in Nashville

Rained Out Again- A Weekend in Nashville

I haven't had great luck with the weather lately. I was beyond excited to go hiking in Nashville last weekend but the skies had other plans. It just poured for hours on end, next time I guess!

Since I used to live in Nashville, and the weather was terrible, I mostly spend time with friends. Here's a shortlist of places I did check out though. This is not a comprehensive list, I'll put together a city guide sometime though.

Where to eat:

Edley's Bar-B-Que: This is easily my favorite BBQ in the city and there are 2 locations to choose from. I highly recommend the BBQ nachos made with BBQ chips. Not the healthiest but delicious.

Italia Pizza & Pasta: This was my go-to when I lived in the city. It's a true neighborhood pizza shop but they also make killer sandwiches, pasta, and hummus. The owner is Egyptian and incorporates Mediterranean dishes alongside Italian favorites. Their 2 topping carry out special is the best deal in town.

The Red Bicycle: If you have a sudden craving for a giant crepe, this is the place to go. It's located in Germantown serving both savory and sweet crepes. I recommend the Mexicrepe and the Cuban espresso drink.

Fort Louise: We went here for brunch on Sunday. I had never been before but would definitely go again. I got the Tater Tot Poutine and some black coffee which was perfect for brunch. They had a really great color scheme and a cozy vibe. I would definitely recommend reservations. We were about to place one online about an hour before we went which was really convenient. 

Where to go:

Hail | Dark Aesthetics: I am always amazed by the continued level of stock in this taxidermy shop. If you're looking for something weird, this is the spot. Nashville isn't particularly a dark and spooky place so it's a welcome oasis in a sea of country musicians, professional floppy hat wearers, and hot yoga. They also offer crystals, general curiosities, and some local artists buttons and prints.

The Greenhouse Bar: We were hoping to ignore the rain a little later in the day with some drinks at this bar situated inside a greenhouse. It was a cute place but there were more tv's than I expected and the drink I got seemed subpar for the price. It would be a great place to hang out for some pics for the gram and a couple beers though.



Lemon Laine: Quite the opposite of the things above, this is a super high-end skin care store. I don't know if that's how they would categorize themselves but they sell Goop products there which says something. I came here though because they stock my favorite beauty balm and I wanted to avoid shipping costs. The staff was really friendly and the shop itself is super cute. Be prepared to spend some money though. 



This is a short list but I hope it gives you some ideas in case you end up in Nashville during bad weather. The other option I fully endorse is to wait out the rain in a honky-tonk with some whiskey.




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