Review: Away Carry-On

Review: Away Carry-On


Before I share my Atlanta trip this week I wanted to share my thoughts on the Away Carry-On I used on this trip. I've always traveled with the biggest backpack I had but decided to use part of my annual bonus on a real piece of luggage. That being said, I can't tell you if this carry-on is better than other carry-ons but I can tell you if I think it was a good purchase.

If you aren't familiar with Away, there's a few features that impacted my purchase.

- It has a battery pack that can charge your phone up to about 5 times. I should note that in the older models the battery had to be removed with a screwdriver but they now simply pop-up to remove.

- The outer shell won't break. There's plenty of suitcases with this claim but I was excited to finally have a dependable way to bring back vinyl records and prints safely. 

- It has a TSA approved lock. I don't have a huge opinion on this since it's a carry-on and won't really be out of my sight. I can see it being useful if you wanted to lock your suitcase wherever you're staying though as an added precaution.

- It had a compression compartment and another zippered compartment to keep everything where it belongs. As a messy person/packer this was important to me. 

- There's a lot of really fun colors including a millennial pink and frequent special editions. I opted for a forest green color for a classic look. I also added the monogrammed leather luggage tag since I knew I would be too lazy to get one separately before my trip.

- The best feature is the Hinomoto wheels that let you roll the carry-on in any direction. As someone with issues steering almost anything, this was a real plus for me. 

- Away cases come with a lifetime warranty so there's no hassle if anything goes wrong. Hopefully I won't need to use it but it's nice knowing it's there.

I opted for the Carry-On but there's also a Bigger Carry-On that is said to work with most airlines. Having to randomly check baggage isn't something I felt like risking and chose the smaller size. I was able to pack both mine and my boyfriend's clothes for 4 days in here. (I packed my liquids bag in his backpack and a few books as well.) 

Are there similar carry-ons out there? Absolutely! After some research and actual use, I'm confident that I chose the best suitcase for my needs at a really great price point.

*This post was not sponsored or affiliated with Away. 

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