5 Podcasts to Inspire Wanderlust

As someone who works remotely full-time, podcasts are essential to my everyday. Sure, they are informative, funny, and inspiring but above all, it’s nice to hear another human voice during my workday. I listen to a range of podcasts but today I wanted to share my favorites that inspire travel. I might never sell my house to live in a van but I sure like hearing about people who have!

On She Goes is a podcast I first heard about on Call Your Girlfriend, another podcast I adore. It’s a travel podcast made, hosted by, and featuring women of color, and their travel stories, tips, and candid experiences as women of color out in the world. 

Wild Ideas Worth Living interviews people from all backgrounds on their “wild idea.” While not strictly a travel podcast, many of the interviews are centered around outdoor athletes, the environment, and unique trips or challenges.

Out There is a more journalistic podcast going deep into personal stories related to the outdoors. It often deals with harder topics like loss, overcoming adversity, and personal exploration.

The Budget Minded Traveler is filled with stories, tips, and inspiration to bring travel into your own life. The host Jackie is one of those people who left a real home base behind and has been traveling since. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she loves a good pint. This podcast is all around a really fun time.

She Explores is exactly as it sounds, interviews and other stories about women and their connection to the outdoors. I absolutely love this podcast and particularly some of the interviews with serious hikers. I don’t have plans to “do Wild” or anything related but the trail stories fascinate me nonetheless. 

What are your favorite outdoor or travel podcasts? I’m always looking for more 🙂