Hike 6- Limestone Hill Trail- Mastodon State Park- Imperial, Missouri

I went to one of my most frequented trails on Sunday for hike 6. It was a relief to get out and take our minds off the virus concerns. Of course, we partially chose this trail as it’s not often crowded. We also practiced distancing on the trail when passing others.

Since then I’ve canceled my upcoming camping trip to avoid coming in contact with the small towns surrounding Shawnee National Forest. This may be overkill since the campsite itself does not have communal spaces and is self check-in but we still felt it was the responsible thing to do.

In the coming weeks I still plan on hiking as much as possible in less populated areas and enjoy the bits of green coming out as we approach Spring.

Hike #6: Limestone Hill Trail

Length: 2 Miles

Elevation gain: 305 feet

AllTrails: https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/missouri/limestone-hill-trail

mastadon-state-park-limestone-hill trail0556.JPG

mastadon-state-park-limestone-hill trail0554.JPG

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