Plus-Size Leggings I Love for Hiking & Beyond

There are a lot of leggings that do feature extended sizing but they are often not quality or meant for any actual physical activity. Often times if you do find more athletic quality leggings they feature some really bright or busy prints that immediately turn me off.

My style tends to be a little gothy and pretty minimal which carries over to the type of clothing I want to wear hiking, camping, etc. So today I’m excited to share a few brands that I have tried out and love as I basically live in leggings. I’ve never understood how anyone can be comfortable hiking in jeans but maybe I just haven’t found the right pair.

Old Navy Mid-Rise Compression Crops: Old Navy is one of the most affordable places to shop active wear. These are really comfortable and have stayed in a great shape over the ~6 months I’ve had them. Though their leggings are consistent in size, I would always recommend trying on their activewear tops or sports bras in person as I’ve found these aren’t always true to size. If you’re not ready to invest a lot in leggings, I would start here. 

Girlfriend Collective: I absolutely love these leggings for any activity. I got them when they were still giving them out for the price of shipping but I will likely still pick up another pair at full price. I have to admit I have a habit of emailing companies about their lack of extended sizing and Girlfriend Collective was one of them. They sent me a nice response at the time and to my delight came through on their promise to add more sizing. They also frequently feature a diverse range of models, the leggings are made from recycled water bottles, and everything is solid colored. These are my go-to travel leggings for any activity. I have worn them on a 6-hour Greyhound ride to hiking to waterfalls. They’ve proven to be incredibly durable and form fitting to you after you’ve worn them in a bit. 

Nike: They have only recently expanded into the plus size market but I’m happy they have come around. I got new capri leggings from them as well as some running shorts. I have trouble finding shorts that actually fit my hips correctly but these were solid and not too long either (I’m barely 5’6). These leggings are incredibly comfortable and I suspect will be my go-to choice when it starts warming up outside. They provide just enough compression without feeling too tight. If you take a look at their size chart though, I actually went up a size which was the right choice for this brand. I haven’t had the chance to take these anywhere besides my treadmill but I plan on wearing them to the Color Run next month.

Fabletics: I signed up for the VIP program for Fabletics since I buy a lot of activewear and it’s not too hard for me to remember to skip the monthly subscription until I need new items. If you do want a little color or the more color blocked patterns, this is a good place to stock up on affordable activewear. Though I usually wear all black, I did pick up a blush and gray color block legging from them which fit well and looks good whether hiking or running errands. 

Superfit Hero: Upfront I should mention these are the only ones on this list I haven’t actually tried out. I plan on it but just haven’t spent the money yet. These are the most expensive on this list but they have pockets! I’ve also been impressed with their inclusive advertising and working with quality ambassadors. I’m not super into their patterns but they also offer plain black leggings as well. I also included these as they have the most extended range up to a 4x. 

If you have any questions about any of these, just hit me up in the comments! 

I'm wearing the only printed leggings I own that I picked up for $10 on sale at Old Navy.

I’m wearing the only printed leggings I own that I picked up for $10 on sale at Old Navy.


A note about Outdoor Voices:

I also want to mention that I tried the largest size option (they go up to an XL, 12/14) in the Insta-famous Outdoor Voices but this just didn’t cut it. I should mention that their returns process was flawless. I emailed them about their size range and got a friendly but unhelpful reply about being a small company, working towards this in the future, etc.

As someone who works for a small e-commerce company, this doesn’t really reassure me that things will change anytime soon with them. With the amount funding they’ve been able to receive, they could invest in adding plus sizes options even if it was only for certain items. They have chosen to ignore this segment of women with buying power out there while coming across as a brand meant for everyday women with their hashtag #doingthings. Their IG account only features model fit women which undoubtedly doesn’t even show their full size range.

That being said, I’ve listened to some really great podcast episodes and other interviews with their founder Tyler Haney. I respect her a lot as a  businesswoman but wish Outdoor Voices was available to everyone.


*This post does not contain affiliate links, I just love these leggings <3